A little Simplicity

The lucky few that have what they need these days, are just that, a lucky few. Everyone is struggling, in big and small ways, and I think its time to remember that living simply, without waste and without apathy can be a true joy.

From time to time, it can seem that working on a garden can be the most frivolous thing in the world. What I've come to realize is that it can also be the most rewarding: whether its building new raised beds, planting a specimen tree, transforming a little bit of pavement into something permeable, or turning an uncared for space into something loved and used.

I'll never stop daydreaming about grand designs and sweeping gestures, and I'm not going to lie, for all their ostentation, chateau gardens take my breath away. But that's not why I got into this field. I think I did it because I love to try to make something out of nothing, to be creative, to work with a whole crazy bunch of constraints, and if