A Sedona Retreat

Another great project in store for Third Nature is a residence on Brewer Road in Sedona, Arizona. As many of you know, Sedona is a funny little town (unicorn paintings, anyone?) set in the gorgeous high desert of Arizona, surrounded by spectacular rock formations.

The residence is great: part log cabin, part ranch. Think Twin Peaks meets Gunsmoke. The client is an interior designer with a big imagination, and together I think we can come up with something really funky and wonderful. The house is a vacation rental as well as a retreat for the owner, so we are going to strive to do something low maintenance, high design, affordable, and of course with low water needs and local materials so the landscape is in tune with its amazing environment.

There is no shortage of inspiration in the surrounding landscape (well, maybe not so much with that dolphin fountain)... While I was there everything from the roadside souvenir shops, to 700 year old ruined cities, to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West seemed like they could inform the direction we decide to go. I will keep you posted as we begin the process!