Palm Springs Calling

I'm a huge fan of the Ace Hotel in Portland, Stumptown coffee practically in the lobby, amazing restaurant, Clyde Common, practically in the lobby, Powell's Books, one block away. Oh man, happy days. All of that said, and those are pretty amazing perks, the best part about that hotel is the design.

Now that the Palm Springs Ace is open, I think its time for a trip to the desert. The interiors and courtyards there look like they quote the midcentury without being slavish, and have some fond memories of the 70's and 80's floating around too. I can definitely picture the lovely ladies from Heart sitting on one of those couches. The thing that seems so promising about this design style is that it has all of that nostalgia but manages to stay fresh and contemporary at the same time. Maybe I just missed out on growing up in the desert in a yurt in the 70's, and this is all just another dreamy recreation. Whatever it is, the minimalism, salvage roughness, and vintage leather are workin' for me.