ASLA's Sustainable Landscapes

The American Society of Landscape Architects has launched a splashy new website introducing a broad definition of sustainability as it relates to site construction and landscape architecture. The intended audience seems to be the public, and anyone else who might not have a clue what it is we do. Twenty case studies illustrate various sustainable design elements and by reading through them all, I feel like the range in scale and detail shows just how broad the field is, and how micro and macro decision making is crucial to working in a less environmentally hazardous way.

Critique and controversy are sorely missed. I think the ASLA can still champion its award winning projects and its mission and still ask tough questions. Is it more sustainable to do nothing? Do we care if it's ugly? What trends here are just aesthetic trends, and what elements are innovations that will really change how we work? I don't have the answers, and I am a admirer of many of the case study projects. I am just always hoping for more, more, more.

Maybe I'm just sore they've used my color scheme!