Hillside Entry Garden in the Oakland Hills

When I saw our clients' house in the Oakland Hills for the first time, I thought of a Raymond Chandler quote about a house in LA situated like a corner pocket on a pool table. This house felt just like that: you drop right into the main entry from the street, down a steep flight of stairs. When you arrive, you discover a gorgeous midcentury house nestled in a lush garden. We reworked the precarious entry to be a gorgeous contemporary concrete stair, and added a custom metal mesh screen, an ipe deck, and built in bench in the entry courtyard. The planting palette is a mix of luminous, sculptural grey-green plants that transform the formerly overlooked space into a showstopper.

The project is currently under construction, we can't wait to see it completed.


Agave attenuata 'Nova'

Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

Fatsia 'Spiderweb'

Agave attenuata 'nova'     Dichondra 'silver falls'    Fatsia 'Spiderweb'